This tutorial is using ansible

The source code is here git clone

This tutorial will assume that you have two machines running coreOS on DigitalOcean and AWS. You can create them manually or using something like Terraform or docker-machine. We provide the docker-machine-bootstrap script so you can use it and modify it for this purpose.

# --amazonec2-access-key AKI******* \
# --amazonec2-secret-key 8T93C******* \
docker-machine create --driver amazonec2 \
--amazonec2-region "eu-west-1" \
--amazonec2-ssh-user core \
--amazonec2-device-name /dev/xvda \
--amazonec2-ami ami-e3d6ab90 \

# DigitalOcean
docker-machine create --driver digitalocean \
--digitalocean-access-token $DOTOKEN \
--digitalocean-region lon1 \
--digitalocean-image coreos-stable \
--digitalocean-ssh-user core \

We'll use the public ips of these machines to create the weave network. Make sure your aws security groups configuration match the Weave requirements. For this demo I used a totally open configuration.


If you don't want to create these machines you could use any machine with docker and systemd reachable via ssh from where you are running Ansible.

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